Incredible Mandy Begins Its Journey on Switch

Starting today, Incredible Mandy is available on Nintendo Switch. Since launched on Steam last year, the action/adventure game has earned a positive rating for itself, and it’s new launch trailer makes the reason why pretty clear. Check it out below!

At first glance, Incredible Mandy appears to share more than a few qualities with the Legend of Zelda. It’s character wields a special sword, solves puzzles and puts down monsters both big and small. Even the name has a Zelda quality to it: Mandy isn’t the player character but rather his younger sister. A terrible accident mars the siblings’ past, and now Mandy guides her brother through a fantastical quest to overcome their fears and recover lost memories.

Incredible Mandy doesn’t sound all that groundbreaking, but it could be just the game for those looking for an interesting take on a familiar experience.

Incredible Mandy is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.