Skybolt Zack Brings Rhythm-Centric Platforming to PC, Switch

Skybolt Zack is finally here – and anyone wanting something new in an action-platformer should give it a shot. With a demo available on PC and the game itself available on both Steam and the Switch, there’s a lot of fun to be had with it. It uses regular platforming mechanics alongside a bit of rhythm game mechanics as you press a color-coded button to coincide with the 360/Xbox One color scheme on PC at least. It’s a unique system and one that works shockingly well. You have enemies to attack in a modern-day Sonic-style homing attack and in a touch of  Drill Dozer, you can destroy large obstacles with a gauge on the screen and a ton of button presses. At $19.99 normally, I would recommend it if you love the demo – but early birds can save 15% and get each version for $17, making it an even better value.