Tracks Coming to Xbox One and Leaving Early Access

The big problem with the average train set is that it comes with a finite amount of pieces.  Whether that be a the wooden or plastic tracks and engines you might have played with as a child, or the scale model sets that adults tell themselves are a hobby rather than playing with toys, there are only so many pieces available unless you’re willing to destroy your budget.  Digital trains may not be as pleasing from a tactile perspective but they do have the advantage of never running out of parts, which is a small piece of what makes Tracks such a great little game.  Tracks initially came out on Steam Early Access just a little over two years ago and, through a constant series of upgrades, now barely resembles the game I got to look at so long ago.  All that progress is finally about to result in a full release on Xbox One and graduation from Early Access on Steam on November 14, and in celebration there’s a new trailer showing off an impressive series of user-created environments.

More than just trains, Tracks lets you build a tiny world populated with all sorts of buildings, riders to carry from one station to another, and props to decorate and add life to any scenario you can think to create.  If you want to get technical it’s more sandbox than videogame, but there’s no time for pedantry when there’s a charming little world to create.  Whether designing in a pre-built room of a house or starting out in a white-box area to build from scratch, one track piece leads to another and it’s surprising how quickly just placing a few rails leads to ideas on where the next needs to go, until there’s a giant toy world of your own  making spread out before you.  Take a look at the trailer below to see a few of the ideas its communities have created.