Headsnatchers Pops Out of Early Access

It’s been quite a while since we last checked in on Headsnatchers, the multiplayer party game from Iceberg Interactive and Iguanabee, based all around popping off your opponents’ heads and throwing them around in order to succeed in various games. We said it had the potential to be a sleeper hit, and now we finally get to see if this is the case, as the game has now officially left Early Access. And as expected, this release comes with a launch trailer that you can check out below, showcasing the game’s main attractions.

Right now, the game has launched with twenty-five different levels, four different modes (including a solo Zombie Castle mode), and over a hundred different heads to select from, all inspired by Japanese toys and game shows. Both online and local play are also included, making it easier to engage in some colorful mayhem with friends. Headsnatchers is now available for PC and Switch, and might be worth checking out when it comes to those looking for their next competitive fix.