Mega Cat Studios Provides New Gameplay Overview For Bite the Bullet

Have you ever thought to yourself “Boy, I sure do love Metal Slug games, but wouldn’t it be better if I could devour my enemies instead of just limiting myself to the random food that appears?” If so, then you are a weird person. But also one with a taste for promising run-and-gun games, as Mega Cat Studios are aiming to deliver that same setup with their latest game, Bite the Bullet. Players will indeed be able to eat every enemy and them some in order to gain various gameplay boosts, as seen in the behind-the-scenes gameplay overview below.

In just three and a half minutes, the team goes into quite a bit of detail surrounding the eating mechanics. Depending on the diet you choose, you can gain access to special skill trees, alter your character’s body chemistry and how they play, use the leftover nutrients to craft new weapons, and more. And we even get a peek at a boss battle and unique weapons like the Spicy Critter Cannon for good measure. It all certainly seems unique, and we’ll see if this quirky concept works when Bite the Bullet comes out in January 2020 for PC, Switch, and XB1.