Screenshot Saturday Featuring Squabble, The Sigil, More

Well, once again, it’s time for Screenshot Saturday! That magical time of the week where all it takes is one #screenshotsaturday tag to allow the people behind what could be some of the most exciting games yet to come to show off their work in quick yet effective glimpses! The tag would also be more effective without trolls using it to spam videos of k-pop performances and the like, but let’s just focus on the games for now. Things may be getting colder, and the well of major game announcements on all levels seems to have dried up for the moment, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have a crop of impressive games to check out, so let’s get right to it!

Steel Assault- Well, this game was already shaping up to be a perfect homage to the likes of classic 16-bit action-platformers, but it really needed a little something extra. And a kick-ass (mini-)boss battle with a giant robot and a moving background reminiscent of Mode 7 graphics used by the aforementioned classics may very well indeed be that something extra.

Squabble- For those of you who want a retro gaming experience that truly captures your childhood even further, though, how about a 2D multiplayer brawler where you actually get to duke it out with your annoying siblings? And in a nicely colorful world that only kids can see as well? Indeed, as seen here, it looks quite fun and action-packed so far, and I can’t say no to any game with super soakers and exploding pillows as weapons.

The Sigil- Moving on to a more darker game involving childhood, here we have a melee combat game set inside a child’s head, as you use of three classes of fighters to battle the monsters inside their psyche that are a result of the dark past they’ve forgotten. Deep stuff, and the combat does looks quite impressive, as seen here with this upcoming boss battle. Check out the alpha on if you’re interested in seeing how it plays out even further.

ScourgeBringer- Honestly, I don’t think I have much more to add here. This is just one incredibly damn impressive behind-the-scenes look at how an epic boss battle is crafted, especially for a lightning-fast retro roguelike platformer such as this. Definitely something to get you excited for this this game, plain and simple.

Black Future ’88- Well, the former Screenshot Saturday king is delivering what may very well be its last post with the tag before the game comes out. And not only did this penultimate post showcase a ton of amazing roguelike action, but it also revealed that the name of the tower all this mayhem takes place in is called Skymelt, which is just an awesome name and the cherry on top.

Alwa’s Legacy- Honestly, I did not expect to see Alwa’s Awakening get a possible sequel, but the retro platformer did end up having quite a few fans. And judging by how the Kickstarter campaign for this new 16-bit metroidvania-esque entry is going so far, said fans have definitely come out to support it, and it definitely looks like some quality stuff worth checking out.

World of Horror- Well, I should indeed say that things have changed since we left…namely, there’s the fact that one of the guards in this town underwent some sort of radical surgery to have their eyes removed! Otherwise, yeah, things look pretty normal. Well, as normal as they can get for an intriguing horror game such as this.

Waking- Okay, I am being told that I eventually have to cover at least one game that isn’t a retro throwback of some kind with pixel art, so this impressive-looking action/adventure game about battling inside your own subconscious will definitely do. But to answer the question posed here, I would actually bow to my inner demons if I knew that they looked as awesome as the ones here. What can I say, I’m a sucker for good designs.

Diskophoros- Do we need more discus-based multiplayer fighters? This game delivers a solid case for “yes” being the answer, and I would probably have to agree. Especially given that it looks like a blast with a full four players getting in on the action, as seen here. Simple stuff on the surface, but it looks like it could easily become quite addictive.

Nubarron- Well, I’ve seen many premises for quirky platformers in my life, but a gnome that has to retrieve their lucky hat while having to get used to a cursed cloud that follows them around and eventually manipulating it in order to deliver effects and attacks like this is…well, it probably wouldn’t even make the top twenty quirkiest premises I’ve seen, honestly. Lots of tough competition. But the game still looks damn good, so here’s looking forward to it!