Fanatical Cyberwar Bundle Offers Eight Games for $4

Fanatical’s bundles are usually pretty solid, but the Cyberwar bundle is one of their most diverse yet. For $4, you get Convoy, Forward to the Sky, Neon Chrome, Blackhole, Killing Room, Defend Your Life, The Walking Zombie: Dead City, and Band of Defenders. Convoy offers up a dystopian world with a tactical roguelite twist. Forward to the Sky is an underrated action-platformer with a bit of a collect-a-thon setup to it and a lot of puzzles. Its unique sky-centric world stands out against anything else on PC. Neon Chrome is a cyberpunk-infused twin stick shooter – so if you’ve been craving something a bit different with a twin stick shooter, try it out. Blackhole is a tough as nails precision platformer with a color-soaked atmosphere.

Killing Room offers up small arena-based FPS action with a dark comedy twist. Defend your life is set in a human body and offers up tower defense action against things like colds and viruses. The Walking Zombie is another FPS, only with a Minecraft-inspired look to it while Band of defenders is a wave-based FPS with online co-op-centric design. Everything here looks to be at least worth the $4 asking price, with Forward to the Sky being the real treat here when it comes to providing something a bit different.