Carrion Will Bring Its ‘Reverse’ Horror Experience to Xbox One in 2020

Phobia Game Studio’s Carrion will land on Xbox One simultaneously with its PC release in 2020, Devolver Digital today announced.

The horror title, which was first announced at E3 in June, has players assuming control of a shapeless creature as they hunt down those who trapped them at the facility.

Players can improve the unknown creature with new abilities as they wreak havoc on their quest for revenge.

Devolver Digital said that Carrion would be available for a hands-on preview at Xbox X019, which will be held from November 14 to November 16 in London.

Phobia’s title previously released a limited-time demo on Steam earlier this month.

Hardcore Gamer went hands-on with Carrion at E3 and found that the developer has “crafted one impressive 2D action game,” saying that it also “puts a unique spin on video game horror and that’s just damn fun in general.”