Firebombs, Tall Tales Coming in ‘The Seabound Soul’ Update for Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves will be getting another free update November 20, injecting another dose of much-needed content into Rare’s pirate-adventure game. Of the content to be added in the “The Seabound Soul” update, the game’s new “Tall Tales” feature is perhaps the most significant. The first of these will send players under the waves to unravel the mystery behind the most feared ship on the high seas: The Ashen Dragon.

Aside from this, “The Seabound Soul” will also add the new “Firebomb” ammo type for players to toy around with. Considering how susceptible wooden ships usually are to fire, this new armament should prove quite effective indeed. As for the game’s competitive arena mode, fans will be getting new cosmetics and commendations to compete for. It may have taken awhile, but perhaps Sea of Thieves is finally settling into a good place. Hopefully this’ll mark the beginning of a comeback for the struggling title.