KartRider: Drift Races onto Xbox One in 2020

During X019 today, Microsoft revealed that a new racing game will be coming to Xbox One and PC sometime in 2020. Since the system is already home to several high-profile racing series like Forza, the announcement was rather curious. However, it all makes sense when one considers what kind of game KartRider: Drift aims to be. It’s not another serious racing sim; it’s Mario Kart!

Judging by the trailer, it looks like Kartrider: Drift will have much of the manic energy that’s made games like Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing into beloved party games. It’s bright and colorful, populated by goofy characters and filled with silly weapons perfect for annoying the competition. It’s also being offered as a free-to-play title with crossplay capabilities.

Kartrider: Drift will initially offer its players three modes to choose from: Time Attack, Item Mode and Speed Mode. Time Attack is most likely a time trial mode meant to help players master race courses; Item mode will likely allow player liberal use of the game’s items, and Speed mode will serve as the primary competitive mode for skilled racers. Beyond this, the game will also offer players a high-degree of character and kart customization, which is likely where its free-to-play nature will be most heavily felt.

Kartrider: Drift launches for PC and Xbox One in 2020. Those curious in getting an early look can try to get into the closed beta that’ll be running from December 5 to December 8.