Orchestral Release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Music Coming from Materia Collective

The fourth generation of Pokémon games features a really rich amount of myth and storyline with the music to match. Now, an absolutely riveting arrangement of orchestral music from Diamond, Pearl and Platinum is on the way. It comes from Braxton Burks and Materia Collective who’ve previously released past Pokémon arrangements.

This collection is titled, ‘Time and Space’ which is very fitting given the legendary Pokémon involved with the games are masters of such areas. The album has 16 tracks packing in all the iconic Sinnoh sounds. Relive your adventure at the start of Twinleaf Town, through various cities and routes, encountering legendary Pokémon and having fierce battles. Burks and fellow artists have infused synth with classical music to create a presence longtime fans must experience.

You can enjoy a preview of the amazing music on Bandcamp. The album releases on November 22 but pre-orders are open now for digital and physical.