Ron Perlman Stars in Procedural Top-Down Shooter West of Dead

Raw Fury left it to Inside Xbox’s X019 event to unveil the latest title they’ll be publishing: a procedural, Western-themed, twin-stick shooter with a cel-shaded art-style, in the form of West of Dead. Developed by Upstream Arcade, while those many terms and sub-genres may not sound, on paper, to be all that unique, perhaps the most surprising piece of information to come out of the announcement is the fact that US actor Ron Perlman, will be voicing the main protagonist of the tale.

Sporting a more cover-orientated, strategic form of shooting this time round, the game also has an open beta right now for players to try out the game before its launch next year. The open beta, only available on Xbox, will run until November 25. West of Dead will be available across PC and all consoles, sometime in 2020 with the game being made available on Xbox Game Pass the same day. Check out the announcement trailer below.