The Molasses Flood Unveils Fantasy Adventure Drake Hollow

In 2016, Boston-based developers The Molasses Flood released The Flame in The Flood, a game about trying to survive in a ruined America. And now they’re back with their new game, Drake Hollow, which also happens to be about trying to survive in a ruined land. Well, at least helping others to survive in a land being ruined, anyway. The game was premiered during today’s Inside Xbox showcase at X019 with the trailer below, which sets the table quite nicely.

Drake Hollow sees players exploring a fantasy world this time around, helping to build villages for the cuddly little vegetable people known as Drakes. So that means exploring, gathering supplies, and managing living spaces, but also having to battle the dark, nightmarish creatures the threaten the Drakes and the land in between. Not much else is known about the game at this moment, but Drake Hollow will be playable at X019, so expect more information soon. The game will be due out in 2020 for XB1 and PC, and will be available on Xbox Game Pass the day of release, so watch out for it.