Growing Flowers, Eroding Mountains in Spring Falls Release Trailer

Water only goes in one direction, and that’s down.  It can meander all over the place on its way there but that’s more side effect than goal.  Water settles to the lowest point, but sometimes it gets hung up on the way and nurtures a flower or two during the journey.  Spring Falls is a puzzle game of water, mountains, and flowers, where you need to track the course of water to make it nurture the greenery on its journey down a hexagonal-tiled mountain.  Any tile the water touches that’s on the same level can drop down, eroding a new course into the mountainside.  The mountain is mostly rock, which isn’t much good for growing, but once the dirt hexes are water-adjacent they spread greenery to any other tile that’s on the same level and connected, causing a chain reaction of life that, if everything goes as planned, activates a flower and the path to the next level.  New tiles like parched dirt show up as you descend one level at a time, while rain and waterfalls provide a renewable water supply as the levels get harder.  It’s all set to an ambient guitar soundtrack, making the whole experience a pleasantly chilled trek through a puzzling mountain wilderness.

Spring Falls is available on Steam and iOS as of today, and the brand new trailer below shows off its erosion-based gameplay and pleasantly strummy music.