Latest Version of NZXT CAM PC Monitoring Software Now Available

NZXT currently has its own software for monitoring your PC hardware during gaming. The latest version has actually been built from the ground up and is currently available for download here. CAM also allows for the RGB customization of NZXT related hardware such as cases and processor coolers. With version 4.0, the user interface has been completely redesigned with a focus on simplicity and organization. New categories such as bandwidth and resources per-process usage to help identify what is the most taxing on your system. The update will even tell you your average FPS in games you’ve recently played.

“Our goal with CAM has always been to make a great piece of software,” says Johnny Hou, founder, and CEO of NZXT. “We have not given CAM the attention that it deserves. With version 4.0, we have dedicated more time and resources to improving NZXT CAM and that will continue to be a focus. We are very excited about the end result and encourage past users to update to version 4.0. Hearing feedback from the community is important to us. Please reach out to NZXT if you spot any issues with NZXT CAM.”

CAM 4.0 has also been optimized so it will load and launch quicker. Players can set fan curves and save them to separate user profiles. There will be an adaptive noise reduction feature being added at a later date.