Shenmue III Now Available on PS4 and PC

After nearly 20 years, the third entry in the legendary Shenmue series is available. The Kickstarter darling blew up crowdfunding and reached new heights for Kickstarter when it came to gaming. After four years of development, the game is finally here. What began as a surprise announcement at the 2015 PlayStation E3 presentation is now a reality. The original games were released on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC last year to help get modern audiences familiar with the series and now the sequel is here with a more modernized take on their formula.

Ryo Hazuki and Shenhua’s tale together began at the end of the second game, and that’s where the third entry starts off – with a stunning Unreal Engine 4 recreation of that game’s gorgeous ending. The story itself unfolds in new and exciting ways with revamped combat. Instead of having punches, kicks and throws, things are streamlined to just be punches and kicks – with a greater assortment than before to make up for the loss of throws. The game has been crafted to evoke the style of the first two, with a modern-day coat of paint and features a dub by as much of the English cast that could return.

Shenmue III is available on the PlayStation 4 in retail stores and on PSN for $59.99 with a wide variety of pre-order and early bird DLC bonuses, while Best Buy has an exclusive silver and pink steelbook. PC users can enjoy it via the Epic Games Store for $49.99 with one caveat beyond that – it’s a 100GB game there while it takes up around 30 GB on the PS4. It’s a bit odd, but worth noting and those without a lot of storage space will want to go with the PS4 version while those wanting a higher-end visual experience will want to get it on PC.