WRC 8 Now Available on Switch

The WRC series has delivered some of the best rally racing on the market for years, and with that subgenre of racing being so heavily saturated with the DRIFT series, it can be hard for something else to stand out. Thankfully, WRC 8 on the Switch does just that with an extensive team management simulator that you can either go in-depth with or just automate to your heart’s content. The core racing action is sim-based and that has mixed results on Switch. The lack of analog controls on the Pro controller or the Joycons means that you’re stuck approximating it with longer presses, and that works, but is harder to time. It still gets the job done though and offers up the best simulation-based racing experience on the console.

Docked mode holds up nicely, while the portable mode suffers a bit. Graphical detail is somewhat like an early PS2-era game with very muddy textures and a ton of pop-in. Playing docked is the way to go and results in far smoother action. Plus, using the Pro controller on a large TV makes it more fun to play. WRC 8 does have very well-optimized trigger controls for the Joycons and feels pretty comfortable all things considered. If you want a sim racer on the Switch, WRC 8 is easily your best option.