EVGA’s New Sound Card Now Available for Pre-Order

EVGA has announced a new sound card for PC’s with the Nu Audio Pro. This is now available for pre-order and you can save $50 off the $299 retail price by doing this. This high-end audio card is focused towards lifelike audio. EVGA will also have the Nu Audio Pro Surround Card later down the road as this will be sold separately. This will include 7.1 surround sound with accurate positioning in mind. The Nu Audio Pro will also include a low noise filter and clean audio signature for an affordable price for gamers. The Pro Surround can also be customized with three rollable op-amps. These will not be digital cards but rather analog cards that are driven by capacitors. All of this audio is engineered from the UK-based company Audio Note. The card will ship on or before December 20, but it seems like currently EVGA is out of stock. You can keep up with the pre-order availability here.