MisBits Coming to Steam Early 2020

MisBits launches into Steam Early Access early next year and puts a twist on the term head to head battle. Players will select from an assortment of toy heads and roll them into a variety of different bodies, kind of like if Dr. Frankenstein took the Katamari Damacy approach to monster making. After the head and body are combined, the player will have set of signature moves that can be taken into a variety of multiplayer mode such as using Voodoo Shaman magic to turn opponents into frogs or set explosive mines with the Mechanical Spider. Players can choose familiar game modes like Deathmatch or use an intuitive toolset that allows them to create any type of game experience such as racing, platforming, puzzling or arena. A few maps made by some of 3BlackDot’s own influencers have made their way into the game. For a better understanding of the mayhem that awaits check out their teaser trailer below.