Real Heroes Firefighter Gets Massive Preorder Discount on Switch

Real Heroes: Firefighter first hit the scene over a decade ago on the Wii. At that time, motion controls were all the rage and companies were looking for any way to put them in a game. Fortunately, a game about firefighting means that a hose is used and that is a pretty natural device to have motion control for in a game. With the Wii being a distant memory, but the Switch keeping in motion control, a re-release on that platform makes a lot of sense. Those who pre-order the game on the eShop can save 2/3 the overall cost – taking the normally $15 game down to $5. The game’s graphical style has remained about the same – so the texture work isn’t exactly the strongest. Cel shading has been added to help make things not only look a little better, but also be bolder on the small screen. Real Heroes: Firefighter hits the eShop on November 27.