Autonauts Outlines Its Roadmap to Completion

Autonauts is the rare game that dares to ask the question- Is a world without robots even worth colonizing?  The answer is “probably not”, because there’s too much to do and not enough hands to do it without delegating the bulk of the work to automated helpers.  The colonists are just babies, after all, with only the one “you” adult available to take care of things, and while unlike actual babies they won’t complain when neglected the goal is to build a world for the little guys to grow up in.  That means robots, lots of them, all programmed to work together to create everything a budding colony needs.  Autonauts released in October, and I said very nice things about it here, but with one slight disclaimer in that the game simply isn’t done yet.  The word was that updates would bring it to completion over time, but the details on that were somewhat fuzzy until today.

The plan, as it turns out, is to update Autonauts on a monthly basis until at least April, with one major release per month and the first being made effective immediately.  The Fall updates will be enhancements to the existing content, adding clothing, cooking, bot variants, and for some reason gnomes in today’s changes plus flora, fauna, buildings, and yet more food in December.  Winter will pack a serious punch, with the major January release bringing in a whole new age of technology, mod support, a health system plus bigger, fancier homes for the colonists.  February brings fish and aquariums, March is general enhancements, and April is the final announced major content drop.  Art, education, and whatever enlightenment turns out to be rounds out the colonists’ lives, while oil brings an entirely new method of power.  And then, just maybe, assuming the planned schedule holds, Autonauts may be complete.  I said in the article linked above that Autonauts is going to be a monster of a game, and and seeing as Curve Digital proudly announced it’s one of their best-selling games ever after just the first week, the only worry is scheduling.