Black Future ’88 Now Available on Consoles, PC DRM-Free on GOG

There are a lot of 2D action-platformers on the market, but there aren’t many that blend that long-running genre with rogue-lites. Now, we have something just like that with the neon-infused Black Future ’88. Befitting a game set in the ’80s, the world is caked in neon and bathed in wall-to-wall danger. It’s a vertically-focused platformer where you have to reach the top of a procedurally-generated tower to reach the summit and kill its owner. It’s a tough adventure but one that makes you better with each failure.

Black Future ’88 is available now on both the Switch and PC, with PC users being able to pick from either a Steam version or a DRM-free version on GOG. The latter will not have any DRM on it and can still be launched from Steam if you want to – or you can just use GOG Galaxy and still retain things like cloud saves in and in-game screenshot functionality. If you’re on the go a lot and don’t want online DRM check-ins to be something that can hinder your experience, then go with the GOG version. The Switch’s hybrid design makes it a perfect fit for something like this that is meant to be played in short bursts out and about or marathon sessions at home when you get in the zone.