Hypnospace Outlaw Gains Mod Support

Whenever you hear about a game gaining mod support, typically you never expect it to be a graphic adventure. But now Hypnospace Outlaw, the ’90s internet simulator from Tendershoot and No More Robots, has introduced the Modding Update, which allows players to change…well, pretty much anything. Just start the game up and choose the Mods option to access whatever insanity has been created by other enthusiastic players so far.

The official post contains a full list of everything you create in Hypnospace now, which is indeed quite extensive. You can craft web pages, viruses, advertisements, screen savers, entire zones, videos, whole chapters…in fact, it is actually possible to create entirely new stories within the game, though considering how gleefully odd the personal tales in the original game could get, it may be hard to beat them. To celebrate this new update, Hypnospace Outlaw will be twenty percent off on Steam until November 26, so there arguably isn’t a better time right now to pick it up and dive into its vaporwave insanity.