Langrisser 1 & 2 Release Date Announced

The Langrisser series has been around for many years, but hasn’t been seen in a long time either. The first two entries were the stuff of legend, and will now get the love they deserve in the form of a re-release. The original game was a sleeper hit on the Sega Genesis under the name Warsong, but the series was largely relegated to Japan for decades – greatly hurting not only how much acclaim Warsong could receive, but now much its sequels could get too. This re-release combines the first two games in both original and remade forms – and you can switch between them on the fly ala the Halo Collection or more recently, Dragon Quest XI on Switch.

The remade versions feature redone art that thankfully looks good instead of the cobbled-together mobile ports like we’re used to seeing from just about every other kind of JRPG on the market and they will also be fully voiced. A physical limited edition will be released via NISA’s store that includes a ton of goodies. This gets you the game in physical form alongside a visual book and five soundtrack CDs alongside carts and a giant collector’s box. At $80, it’s definitely for die-hards, but will super-serve that audience nicely. This remastered collection hits on March 10 for North America, March 13 for Europe, and March 20 in Australia and New Zealand on PC, PS4, and Switch.