Latest Darksiders Genesis Trailer Shows Off Creature Core System

As we’ve discussed before, Darksiders Genesis may be a radical shift for the franchise, but the shift to top-down action could indeed pay off. And if you wanted a quick look at said top-down action that could potentially convince you of this, then the latest trailer is here to deliver what you need. Focusing on the Creature Core system to be included in the gameplay, the new clip below shows just what kind of insane attacks you can dish out and skills you can gain, and they look quite impressive.

Playing as either Strife, War, or both in co-op mode, our Horsemen can collect Creature Cores from fallen enemies, which can be used to alter you play style. Be it the ability to spawn hellhounds, crate massive blasts, whirl around with flaming blades, or simply just make enemies drop more health and ammo, players will indeed have a lot to work with in this prequel to the series. Darksiders Genesis is due out on December 5 for PC and Stadia, with a February 14 release to follow next year for consoles.