Gris Journeys to PlayStation 4 on November 26

Nomada Studios’ Gris will finally be moving beyond the PC and Nintendo Switch soon. Starting on November 26, PlayStation 4 users will have the chance to experience the game’s beautiful artwork and atmosphere for themselves. What’s more, the developer has fully revamped the game so that owners of this newest version will be able to enjoy the game at its absolute best.

In preparation for Gris’ arrival on the PlayStation 4, Nomada Studios has been hard at work updating all of the game’s art assets to two to four times higher resolution. This means those using a PS4 Pro will be getting full use out of it while playing Gris. Additionally, the game’s soundtrack has been implemented with less compression so as to produce a cleaner, brighter sound overall. Finally, a little homage to the team’s favorite game has been added. They didn’t outright say what game they’ve referenced, but it’s most likely Journey since Nomada has previously cited it as a favorite and a major inspiration for Gris.

Gris is available now on PC, iOS, Macintosh and Nintendo Switch, and will launch for PlayStation 4 on November 26. Considering that this will be the best version released thus far, now might be the time to give it a try; it’s definitely worth it.