Strictly Limited Games Going Big with Darius Cozmic Collections

Who knew that the worst terrors of space were mecha-fish?  After decades of getting beaten down by the heroic fighters of the Darius system, the deadly fishy Belsar armada racked up an impressive number of appearances on consoles and arcade.  Darius is a legendary shooter series with a rich history, and M2 gave the games their due in a set of Japan-exclusive collections divided between arcade and console, landing on both PS4 and Switch.  Those collections are making their way across the seas in just a couple of days, set to go live on November 24, but for those who want something to go on their shelves Strictly Limited Games has it covered.  The collection comes in three separate sets, just like the Japan versions, although the console version has two extra games in it due to including the US versions.

The first one is Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade, containing Darius (old version), Darius (new version), Darius (extra version), Darius II (dual screen version), Sagaia (Ver. 1), Sagaia (Ver. 2), and Darius Gaiden.  The second one, Darius Cozmic Collection Console, is even bigger with Darius II (Mega Drive JP version), Sagaia (Genesis version), Sagaia (Master System EU version), Darius Twin (Super Famicom JP version), Darius Twin (Super NES US version), Darius Force (Super Famicom JP version), Super Nova (Super NES US version), Darius Alpha (PC Engine JP version), and Darius Plus (PC Engine JP version).  Finally, the ultra-deluxe Darius Cozmic Collection International Collector’s Edition contains everything from both games in one handy package plus a huge amount of related items including a hardcover book, pins, art cards, two soundtrack CDs, and more.  On the plus side it’s an incredible set of collections, but shooters sell quick so you’ll want to be on your toes for this one when it goes live November 24 at 6PM EST.