The Touryst Brings Open-Ended Thrills to the Nintendo Switch

Shin’en has created some of the best-looking third-party games on Nintendo hardware for the past decade – and that trend continues with The Touryst on the Switch. This oddly-titled game is a little bit of everything all thrown into one game – but with a voxel art style. The open-ended approach reminds me a bit of Shakedown Hawaii, minus the gunplay and with more platforming. The game’s world is both incredibly bright and yet dark, depending on the area you’re in. Starting off on a beach setting makes you think it’s all fun and games – and it’s A LOT of fun and games, but also a bit of underground terror.

Still, the core game is all about enjoying yourself – and there are a ton of ways to do that. You’ve got tasks to accomplish and things like athletic events to conquer. If you’ve ever wanted an open-world game with the look of 3D Dot Game Heroes, but a surfing mini-game that works alongside a 16-bit F-Zero-style mini-game and then turns into a creepy underground exploration game, you’re in for a treat. The Switch isn’t at a loss for original games – but The Touryst looks like one of the most unique and best-looking games on the platform. It’s available now for only $20 on the eShop and while it doesn’t have any kind of early bird discount, it does look easily worth its asking price.