Screenshot Saturday Featuring Waycaster, Unexplored 2, More

Well, it’s time for yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where the #screenshotsaturday tag is used by both veterans and up-and-comers in the gaming world alike in order to give us little peeks into their latest work, giving it a useful bit of exposure in the process. And then we go through a vast majority of those posts, combined with the blatant troll posts you’d think would get taken care of already, and then gather some of the most promising ones into one place for your enjoyment! So without further ado, let’s jump right into things…

Resolutiion- Well, last week saw a big development for this top-down action/adventure game, as it was revealed that Deck13 would be partnering up with them as a publisher. And clearly, it was insane and intriguing moments like this that sold them on the idea of publishing it. After all, it just takes one glance to let you know that this is going to be one memorable boss battle alongside many other cool parts.

Waycaster- Well, I mean, can you really be convinced that the water will be safe in the first place when a creature that huge is clearly sticking out of it? Then again, in a unique twist, this is a game where every second you aren’t in the shadows is one where you’re constantly on fire, so I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. Plus, this is one good-looking and inviting water level, monster or not.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy- As seen here and in the latest trailer for this sequel to the hit roguelike game, the true adventurer makes sure to check for every hazard possible, lest you risk roasting to a crisp. And if you’re interested in what looks to be another grand adventure with a dazzling art style, we suggest checking out the game’s Fig campaign.

Maddie Playfers: Freelance Medium- So a significant location in our medium’s impressive-looking journey just happens to take place in a coffee shop? Between this and Necrobarista, what exactly is it about coffee shops in adventure games that suddenly attracts spectral activity? Well, we may not know right now, but if it results in games like this, it’s worth it.

GRIME- Sure, being able to swap between two weapons in the blink of an eye during combat makes things challenging and allows for a lot of strategy, but you have to admit that having headbutts seemingly made out of the sheer power of a black hole probably helps as well. Not that it stops any of this from being fun, of course.

No Straight Roads- Typically, I try to keep Screenshot Saturday focused on more in-game material. But having actually played this upcoming rhythm/action game, I can confirm that it does indeed look as impressive as concept art such as this may suggest, so I’ll allow it. Can’t wait to rock out in levels such as this…

Wraithbinder- Thick fog: Always the enemy of any adventurer looking for a clear shot. Although having a little drone buddy around to help scout things out certainly lessens its impact. But does the ability to use it to “gank other players” suggest some sort of a multiplayer component? It should be interesting to see where this Songbringer spin-off goes…

Jack Move- Well, I would argue that there probably may have been easier ways to get around here than having to crush a car, but then we don’t get to experience the joy of crushing a car. It may seem a bit old-fashioned for a cyberpunk JRPG, but it’s still one impressive moment in what appears to be one impressive game.

Test Tube Titans- Grow procedurally generated monsters in a lab, then unleash them upon the world as wacky and fun yet destructive physics experiments. And as expected, something such as this is going to cause a major impact on the traffic. Namely, the fact the traffic gets flung halfway across the city. Feel free to check out the demo if you want to cause this level of mayhem as well.

A Tofu Tail- Well, it’s a puzzle game where you’re a man that gets turned into a giant block of tofu and…honestly, nothing else really needs to be said after that. Just enjoy the fiery hunk of soy flailing around here in a bit of gleeful insanity.