Virgo vs. The Zodiac Set for December 12 Release

Degica Games has released some fantastic games – from RPG Makers to visual novels to a slew of shoot-em-ups. Now, they’re publishing Virgo vs. The Zodiac – a uniquely-stylized turn-based RPG that is set to challenge even the most ardent fans of the genre. It uses a bright world with tons of color and detail but throws them around in interesting ways. The end result is a world and set of inhabitants that look gorgeous, but manage to stand out in a sea of pixel art games. The soundtrack has a silly and action-based vibe while the game itself varies from a side-scrolling turn-based RPG to an occasional bullet hell shooter.

If you turn-based RPGs, but want something a bit different from the JRPG norm, then this looks quite promising. The art style is simply incredible, with tons of detail for world-building purposes, but minimal details in areas like characters where you can use your imagination to fill in the blanks on-screen when you see the full character art. It exudes charm and personality, and will finally be released on Steam on December 12.