Sony Fires Back at Phil Spencer in Regards to VR

Virual Reality continues to get better with each passing day as the technology continues to improve. One console manufacturer has avoided going this route and its Microsoft with the Xbox One. Phil Spencer came out a few days ago and had a few comments about VR as the next Xbox is about a year away. He believes playing in VR is isolating and has absolutely no interest in the technology going forward. This is despite using the technology when he first introduced Xbox One X a few years ago.

Shuhei Yoshida of Sony has subtly fired back in a tweet stating that Sony loves to work hard to make things that no customer has asked for. The PlayStation VR has sold pretty solid since it’s inception, and we’ve certainly seen more games designed for VR than Xbox first party titles in the same time span. Microsoft is also the only current platform without a VR headset despite the Windows Augmented Reality Player being available. Even the Nintendo Switch has a form of VR with the Labo kit while PC has a wide variety of headsets that continue to increase in visual fidelity. During this week, you can nab a PlayStation VR with five of the best games on the platform for only $200.