Piloting the Tactical Battle Kayak in Phantom: Covert Ops Oculus Rift Trailer

Kayaks are an incredible way to traverse whichever watery body warrants exploration, but “deadly” isn’t an adjective that generally springs to mind to describe them.  Phantom: Covert Ops looks to correct that oversight, putting the player behind the eyes of a covert operative specializing in water-based assaults, cruising silently through the hostile waterways in the cockpit of one of the stealthiest boats available.  Each level is left to your own planning, and whether that means pulling out the assault gun and mowing down the enemy or sneakily slipping under the dock to plant an explosive surprise, it’s your call as to which seems like the better option.  Great care has also been given to the paddling physics, which is the kind of thing that sounds funny until you’re carefully dipping the controller down so the paddle slides into the water smoothly, using the drag to gently curve the kayak’s trajectory.

Up to now Phantom: Covert Ops has been shown off exclusively on the Oculus Quest, but the Rift it getting a crack at the title too and the beefier PC means a somewhat prettier tactical strike mission.  While there’s still no proper release date beyond a vague “2020,” the game looks sharp and nicely explosive.  Give it a look below and get ready to paddle the battle kayak to victory.