Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Now Available on Consoles

A few weeks ago, we learned that Dim Bulb Games’ narrative adventure game Where the Water Tastes Like Wine would be headed to consoles in early December. Well, while North American PS4 owners will still have to wait until December 2, the blues-infused journey is available now on all other consoles to check out. And considering that it’s arguably one of last year’s best games that you haven’t played (even though we sang its praises as much as possible), hopefully this console release allows it to gain a larger audience.

Taking place in Depression-era America (mostly), the game sees you owing a debt to a supernatural being after a card game, who demands payment in stories. As such, it’s now up to you to roam the country and gather up all of the stories to can, then spread them to other people, seeing how they twist along the way. All while chatting with several unique individuals about their lives, hoping to get a glimpse of their true selves. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine can now be found on XB1, PS4, and Switch, and comes highly recommended for lovers of storytelling. Or for anyone, really.