Tools Up! Begins Construction Tomorrow

There appears to be something of a trend playing out in the party game genre at the moment. From the absolute ludicrous Jackbox Party Pack games to the delightfully silly Overcooked series, it seem wackiness has become something of a required quality for comedy-styled cooperative games. Unlike most gaming trends though, this one is pretty harmless and is in fact producing many novel games right now, games like the upcoming Tools Up! for example.

In Tools Up! players must cooperate with their friends to successfully renovate a series of questionable apartments. Before time runs out, players must transform these living spaces from half-finished messes to luxury suites. This means taking care of everything from flooring to furnishing and making sure not to bump into each other too many times along the way. The occupants are eagerly waiting to move in, so hurry up and get to work!

Tools Up launches for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on December 3.