NieR 10th Anniversary Website Emerges

A website commemorating the original NieR’s 10th anniversary has gone live today. It’s four months early from the actual day however; the game originally launched for PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 22, 2010 before coming to the States a few days later on April 27. Nevertheless, while there’s little news or information on the site — other than the confirmation of the site actually going live — the existence of such a stand-alone page, could point towards a future announcement by the game’s publisher Square Enix.

While the game didn’t exactly set the world on fire upon launch, NieR slowly gained a cult following due to its unconventional delivery of story-telling and its odd mix of genres. Something of which continued into the game’s long-overdue follow-up, 2017’s NieR: Automata, and was met with a far more positive reception from critics and fans alike. So much so it ended up being our Game of the Year for 2017. Could a remaster/remake or something else entirely be on the horizon? We don’t have long to wait to see what Square Enix are planning to celebrate the occasion next year.