Release Date, Limited Editions Revealed for Persona 5 Royal

The significantly enhanced Persona 5 Royal finally has a release date, jumping back onto PlayStation 4 on March 31. Much like Persona 4 Golden before it, this iteration of Persona 5 could very well wind up being the definitive version of the game thanks to all the extras Atlus has packed into it. These include new weapons, duo-attacks, personas, at least one new palace and an entirely new party member, and that’s not even the sum total of what’s been added.

In addition to finally revealing Persona 5 Royal’s release date, Atlus also pulled the curtain off of the game’s limited editions. There are two versions available for fans who prefer physical media:  The Launch Edition and the Phantom Thieves Edition. The former gives fans a snazzy steelbook and a dynamic theme in addition to the game itself, and will cost about sixty dollars. As for the latter, it comes with the theme and steelbook, but also includes an artbook, soundtrack CD, collector’s box and a Joker mask complete with stand. This is obviously the more expensive of the two and will sell for about ninety dollars.

Atlus also has several versions available for fans of digital media. The Persona 5 Royal Ultimate Edition will cost about $100, granting buyers access to the game, all DLC packs and six special costume packs. Below that, we have the Persona 5 Royal Deluxe Edition. This one costs about seventy dollars and comes with the “Kasumi Costume Bundle.” As for existing Persona 5 DLC, that will all be included in all versions of Persona 5 Royal, so no need to worry there.

Persona 5 Royal launches for PlayStation 4 on March 31.