Resident Evil 3 Remake Cover Art Pops Up on PlayStation Store

Cover art for a potential Resident Evil 3 Remake has popped up on the PlayStation Store.

Even before the release of the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 2 Remake, there had been wide speculation that Resident Evil 3: Nemesis would get the same treatment. After all, it is the only Resident Evil title unplayable on modern day machines. While Capcom has hinted that a remake is coming, we haven’t heard anything unofficial. That might be about to change.

Gamestat, which uses the PSN’s system API to track additions to the store, noticed three new Resident Evil games added to the database. Obviously, one title is the upcoming Project Resistance. The other two, however, are for Biohazard RE: 3, aka Resident Evil 3. The cover art depicts the game’s two protagonists, Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira, against the backdrop of Raccoon City. The main antagonist, Nemesis, appears ominously above them.

Like all rumors, take this with a grain of salt. However, it’s likely these are real. As mentioned previously, whispers about Resident Evil 3’s existence have been floating about for some time now. The font and coloring also perfectly matches what we saw with Resident Evil 2. There’s also the fact that The Game Awards are right around the corner. Considering the show has a habit of announcing major titles, it’s possible Resident Evil 3 gets an announcement on-stage.

We’ll let you know should Capcom make any announcements regarding Resident Evil 3.