Trails of Cold Steel III Coming to Switch in Spring 2020

A surprise for sure, NIS America have today announced the third entrant in Nihon Falcom’s latest sub-series in the grander Legend of Heroes mythos, Trails of Cold Steel III, will be coming to Nintendo Switch early next year. The announcement comes just over a month after the game was made available (for the meantime only) on PS4, releasing on October 22 following its original release in Japan in September 2017.

It’s been confirmed that Dutch-based Engine Software will be handling the port — the studio having already helped bring titles such as the original Ni no Kuni, Into the Breach and Little Nightmares to Nintendo’s platform. So far there’s no word on whether the original Trails of Cold Steel and/or its 2016 sequel will follow suit, or indeed if the third game will, like its brethren, come to PC in or around the time of its upcoming Switch release. We’ve reached out to NIS America for comment. While it may be considered common sense to bring the other two games over — given the lengthy extent to which past stories and lore play a crucial role in III’s narrative this time round — it may be a hard ask. Unlike this year’s entry, the previous two games were published/localized by XSeed Games in North America.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III is planned to release for Switch sometime in Spring next year. If you still haven’t touched the series — which remains rather good as we can attest to when the third game released for PS4) — you can see how the Switch port looks to be fairing in the below trailer.