New Lightmatter Trailer Shines a Spotlight on Release Date

There are two responses to the dark, one instinctual and the other learned.  The instinctual one ranges between fear and a severe wariness, while the learned response is that the dark isn’t that bad after all.  The dark is only slightly more dangerous than the light, what with the whole “not being able to see” thing, and  odds are incredibly low that there’s anything in the shadows to be afraid of.  The problem with Lightmatter is that, while there’s nothing waiting in the dark to threaten anyone, the darkness itself is the problem.  A scientific experiment has gone horribly wrong and now the shadows are a pitch-black tarry pit of death that will drag down anyone who touches them.  The only defense is light, which is in short supply thanks to the accident knocking out a good chunk of the power.  The lead scientist is working on getting things running again while being snarkily helpful to your escape, but there’s more going on than is initially obvious so who knows how long he’ll remain trustworthy?  It’s a precarious situation and the only thing you can do is restore power where possible and move portable lighting units around when that’s not an option, doing the best job possible of staying alive in an environment where carving path from the darkness is a puzzle with no room for failure.

Lightmatter dropped a demo back in late May showing off some very clever first-person puzzle design.  There’s no question it’s heavily Portal-influenced, what with the silent protagonist whose story is told through the instructions received from an overlord who doesn’t particularly like them very much, but solid voice acting and an intriguing scenario make the similarities more of a footnote than an actual issue.  Illuminating a clear path from the darkness using various types of light sources made for some tricky scenarios, even with the limited length of the demo. Plus there’s going to be a cat in there somewhere, which if done well instantly elevates Lightmatter into must-play territory.  For now, though, there’s a new trailer below revealing the launch date of January 15, so feel free to give it a look below.