Next In-Game Event for The Division 2 Announced

Ubisoft continues to roll out new content for The Division 2. The game that released back in the spring continues to provide the longevity that was promised as Episode 2 is underway. Today, Ubisoft announced that update 6.1 will include Situation: Snowball. As part of this in-game holiday event, all players logging in the game between December 10 and January 7 will get their own Santa Hat to celebrate the holiday season. Enemies will be decked out in Santa hats and drop guns that shoot snowballs. The Silent Night Apparel event is also included in this update and it features 35 new apparel items. Standard users will receive one free key for an item while Year One Pass holders will receive three. In addition, a beta version of the new Hardcore Mode will be part of Title Update 6.1.  In this new mode, death is permanent, making the entire The Division 2 campaign the ultimate challenge for Agents. Since there is no chance to respawn, Division Agents must be tactical and careful to see how far they can get. Play in co-op for a better chance to reach endgame and overcome Washington D.C. threats and enemies. The event goes live on December 10.