Darksiders Genesis Now available on Stadia, PC Via Steam, GOG

Darksiders Genesis has been a bit of an outlier for the long-running franchise since the moment it was announced. While it continues the tale of the Horsemen of the apocalypse, it does so without the usual 3D action-adventure trappings and instead uses an overhead action game setup. You can choose to either blow through the world solo, or enjoy two-play co-op either locally or online. Long and short-range attacks are possible and if you seek something like a more action-centric Diablo game, you’ll be in heaven. Darksiders Genesis can be yours now on Stadia or on PC via Steam or GOG. Going with Steam gives you the ability to always launch it with ease from there, while going with GOG ensures that you can not only do that but use GOG Galaxy natively with it and avoid any DRM alongside the game. Console users have to wait a bit to play the game, as the Xbox One, PS4, and Switch won’t get it until February 14 – giving PC and Stadia users a two months headstart.