Heroland Now Available on Switch, PC via Steam, GOG

XSEED has released some interesting games, but they’ve managed to find something quirky even by their standards with Heroland. As a tour guide, you have to lead so-called heroes through a theme park’s various dungeons. It’s a bit like people who pay to be in peril, only with more tiny dogs and faieries and a lot more weapons and character types. You have over 20 characters to recruit and you’ll battle a wide variety of silly enemies along your journey – including magically broccoli and slugs. No word yet on if the game actually makes broccoli tasty, but if any game can produce such sorcery, it’s this one.

Heroland is definitely a bizarre adventure and it stands out with not only a strange concept but also pixel art being formed into 2D images within the game’s world – somewhat like Paper Mario. It uses a side-scrolling battle system and should please anyone looking for something a bit silly. Heroland is available now on the Switch and on PC via both Steam and GOG. Going with GOG ensures that you can not only launch it on Steam, but also get the game DRM-free or use GOG Galaxy to launch it and easily retain things like in-game screenshot functionality.