Indiegogo Campaign Underway For Blubber Busters, Demo Now Available

A little over three years ago, Los Angeles developers Thar Be Monsters started a Kickstarter campaign in order to help fund Blubber Busters, a run-and-gun game that they were developing. Unfortunately, once it became clear that they wouldn’t gain enough backers in order to achieve their goal of $340,000, the campaign was cancelled. But the team has kept busy since then, working hard on the game and posting regular updates. And know they’re ready to try a crowdfunding campaign again, this time on Indiegogo.

Blubber Busters is centered around a world where giant space whales assist people across the galaxy in areas such as transport and providing resources. All they ask in return is to be taken care of and be kept healthy, but several of the special vet centers have now gone dark. So now it’s up to Rudy the janitor and Eva the intern to head inside these whales and fight their infections, parasites, and various critters that may be lurking inside them.

The trailer below was released alongside the campaign, showing off some impressive graphics and action, and also alerting everyone to the new demo now available as well. You can access it through the game’s Indiegogo page, and while there, you can consider chipping in towards the new $50,000 funding goal. If all goes well, Blubber Busters should hopefully be hitting at least the PC in 2021.