Lovely-Freaky New Japanese Musical Trailer for NISA’s Void Terrarium

There’s a giant glass flask in a poisoned world and inside lives possibly the very last human.  The young girl, Toriko, is tended to by a service robot, but life is by no means easy due to the hostile environment.  Soon all that may be left could be endless mushrooms and decay as the toxic spores eat away at the remnants of the fallen civilization.  There’s not a lot of hope but the detritus of the old world is out there, and if the robot can bring back the useful bits then Toriko can use them to build a functioning home.  This is done by the robot dungeon-crawling through randomly-generated areas, fighting off monsters and scavenging everything it can find to ensure survival.  It’s hard to say how effective this will end up being, what with the giant mushroom growing in a low-key horrifying fashion out of Toriko’s eye, but trying to build a cozy little nest in the end of the civilization beats the alternative of lying down and giving up.

The actual proper title for this game is “void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium”, and it’s safe to say nobody will ever want to call it that so let’s just agree to shorten that on down to Void Terrarium.  The game comes out January 23 in Japan, and while it seems incredibly likely to come to the US some time in 2020 that has yet to be confirmed, or even hinted at.  So far the game is looking to focus on a combination of dungeon crawl, caretaking, and housekeeping, and will hopefully keep its creepiness focused on the body-horror rather than decidedly grosser kind of creepy girl-as-pet cliche/trope.  For now, though, the new trailer showcases a lovely theme song and fascinating visual style, so give it a look below.