Step Into the Spoopy Dark with Don’t Die Minerva Launch Trailer

As a rule ghosts aren’t too fond of the light, preferring instead to creep around in darkness waiting to terrify any mortal foolish enough to wander through their domain.  They aren’t known for shooting out fans of bullets, but it’s very possible this happens more often than expected and nobody who’s seen it has survived to tell the tale.  The young girl Minerva may be destined to become another victim of this surprising ghostly behavior, because she’s mysteriously found herself at the gates of a giant haunted mansion and has only a flashlight and stuffed animal companion to fend off the haunting.  It’s not an ideal situation, and maybe a bit more Halloween-ish than Christmas, but if it didn’t stop Jack Skellington then Minerva certainly isn’t going to worry about adhering to the seasonal holiday theme.

Don’t Die Minerva is an action-roguelike where each randomly-generated room in a giant multi-story mansion brings with it another set of ghosts to dispatch with the surprising power of a flashlight.  The beam of the starter unit has a limited range but a decently wide beam, and it can be enhanced with gems found along the way to add new elemental powers to its light.  Minerva’s teddy bear is also along for the ride, and it can be placed anywhere on the floor to attack any ghost that comes within range.  Random loot-drops give Minerva new powers for that run, while the rare Essence drops let her pay for permanent upgrades.  I’ve been playing a bit of Don’t Die Minerva, just an hour or two so far, and in that time I’ve already found a second type of flashlight, a dragon stuffy with a different attack pattern than the teddy bear, and elemental affinities in the gems that enhance the cooperative powers between Minerva and her stuffed helper.  While not a full preview I can say that the little I played made me want to dive back in, and that’s always a nice way to start a new game.

Don’t Die Minerva just released today in Early Access and it’s got a new trailer to go with the launch.  The current plan is to keep it in EA for about a year, adding more of everything along the way- rooms, ghosts, biomes, loot, weapons, stuffed animal helpers, etc.  For now, though, check out the trailer below to see the current state of Don’t Die Minerva’s ghostly action.