Monster Hunter World Developer Diary 4.5 Unveils Upcoming Siege Battle

Players who dove into the update to Iceborne that came out just this week may have noticed that there was a new monster not mentioned in the early developer diary. This new monster is actually the mature form of Xeno’Jiiva, final boss of the base game. Players can take on a scouting mission to study this monster and report back, and today’s developer diary unveiled that a new siege battle is coming next week. Much like Kulve Taroth, players will team up in gathering hubs to take this monster down and be rewarded with weapons and a new armor set to make. The weapons this time, however, are all the same power and sharpness with the only change being the ailment or element they can unlock. It’s unknown at this time how bowguns and bow will change between each one, but we’re sure to find out soon when it launches December 13.

Check out the full developer diary below with more details on the upcoming new monster siege: