RetroMania Wrestling Announces IndieMania for Roster Additions

RetroMania Wrestling has looked like a promising new entry in the wrestling game world – with it aiming to not only be a successor to Wrestlefest, but now is the official sequel to Wrestlefest. Over the past few days, it was known that the game would have something no one has done before, but no one quite figured out what it is. Today, IndieMania was announced as a way to add wrestlers to the roster alongside possibly new arenas and rings. 32 men will be in a five-round tournament with the bracketing being announced on December 16. Female wrestlers can’t be included just yet – but a female version of RetroMania will hopefully be in the works down the line. Wrestlers can nominate themselves starting on December 9 via social media and the 32 wrestlers selected will be able to be put in pending licensing deals and such.

The winner of IndieMania will make it in and that person will be announced on February 5 alongside the reveal of the character’s sprite. We’ll be keeping an eye on RetroMania as its release draws nearer – it looks really promising so far. The inclusion of legends like the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom alongside more modern acts like Nick Aldis and the NWA help give this a pretty long-lasting appeal with its arcade-style gameplay keeping things quick and interesting whether you want to play quick sessions or longer ones that keep your blood pumping for hours.