Review: Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Gaming mice are becoming more and more important for gamers especially competitively. Razer has had a few releases this year of new mice including the Razer Viper but has ultimately missed the complete experience. This is where the new Razer Basilisk Ultimate comes into play. This mouse sports that same Focus+ 20K DPI mouse sensor that the big brother Viper Ultimate did but adds even more technology to make it the fastest and most accurate mouse on the market. While there should be no more fear of wireless mice, the technology included is the Razer Hyperspeed which is 25% faster than the competition with low-click latency and seamless frequency switching. We were sent a unit for review and not only is the Razer Basilisk Ultimate extremely fast, it’s a pure beast of a gaming mouse.

The exterior design of the Basilisk Ultimate is utterly menacing and nearly flawless. The mouse is accented with just enough RGB to add to a gaming setup as light illuminates from the outside of both mouse buttons along with the edge of the mouse wheel and the Razer logo on the palm rest. Using the Razer Synapse software with Razer Chroma, the Basilisk Ultimate allows for fourteen programmable zones that will sync up with certain games. The portion of the hand that will be doing the most work features a smooth and comfortable matte black plastic. The two mouse buttons are designed to curve with both the index and middle finger while the bottom portion cups in the palm nearly perfectly. Included in the design is a thumb rest that is comprised of a rubber grip while the opposite side features the same rubber gripping for the last two fingers.

When you need the ultimate gaming mouse, customization is important. The Basilisk Ultimate helps with this by including eleven programmable buttons. Two sit just above the thumb rest comprised of sleek black plastic that also fills in the rest of the exterior of the mouse. The wheel with its rubber ridges allow for three button options. Below this are two other buttons that are defaulted to DPI changing on-the-fly. Lastly, it includes our favorite Sensitivity Clutch for more precise aiming in the heat of the moment. Powering the mouse buttons are the Razer Optical Mouse Switches. Using the same technology as the Huntsman line of keyboards, this technology is powered by infrared light that senses interruption immediately. This means seventy million clicks and instant actuation. This makes shooting and execution of action much faster.

The sensor that powers this is the Focus+ 20K DPI. This includes Smart Tracking technology that automatically re-calibrates the mouse to any surface. Asymmetric Cut-Off and Motion Sensing helps the mouse to quickly adapt to movement and sensitivity which all add-up to improved accuracy. We tested the Basilisk Ultimate with Gears V and The Division 2 among others. We also tested this mouse on both a soft and hard mouse pad. The acceleration on the Basilisk Ultimate is overpowering. The preset DPI settings include 800, 1800, 4000, 9000 and the max 20,000. It is safe to say that there is no way someone needs the 20K setting. Getting extremely precise depending on the setting and finding that sweet spot will require work in shooters. This mouse may be more beneficial for those that play games at high FPS as this was tested in a 4K/60 FPS setting. We also tested Total War II: Warhammer and Diablo 3 and for strategy and RPG, something that relies on pointing, clicking and dragging, this mouse was down right perfect. So it may transition well to MOBAs as well.

The mouse is touchy and while it allows for five profiles, these DPI settings will most likely need to be altered. We had some issues aiming from a distance in all the games tested in terms of keeping the mouse stable. It is almost as if the Basilisk Ultimate is for advanced users. It takes some getting used to. The mouse was much more sensitive on the harder surface but feels a lot better on a traditional mouse pad. The loose movement is provided by 100% PTFE mouse feet. This is the same substance that exists on non-stick cooking pans. Movement may be touchy, but shooting and executing actions with the mice are extremely fast and precise thanks to those switches. The exterior of the mouse while fantastic seems to be geared for someone with bigger hands. The Sensitivity Clutch is optional for players but if someone plays a game with the hands sitting back on the mouse, they won’t be able to reach the clutch cleanly.

The mouse wheel while offering three-way clicking also allows for resistance. This is something that we have enjoyed in our Logitech G604 mouse via a quick lock button below the wheel. The Basilisk Ultimate allows for personalizing this to tastes, but unfortunately it isn’t hot swappable. The tiny wheel is located underneath the mouse so adjusting while playing may not be an option. Also, the profile selector is beneath the mouse so if someone opts to change the two buttons on the top to something other than the DPI, they will also be flipping the mouse upside-down to change their sensitivity. There is only so much space to get everything you need but that can go for any mouse.

With this being a wireless mouse, the Basilisk Ultimate needs to have solid battery power. Razer is claiming 100 hours of battery life but this is with the RGB off. Having used this for a few days and with a few charges, the mouse is currently down to 55% and it hasn’t been on the dock in two days or in continuous use. What does help make up for this is the wonderful dock that is included. This dock is something Razer could have sold separately for $50 and thank the universe it didn’t. This dock helps complete the setup and it more than justifies the price on this. The dock is also RGB and will also add to your gaming setup as something to marvel at when charging. The USB dongle for the Razer Hyperspeed can actually be plugged directly into the dock.

Closing Comments:

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate is the complete package for gamers and is no doubt the best gaming mouse we have seen this year. Its design is mostly flawless and the mouse is not only great to look at but a true weapon in the battlefield. The utter smoothness of this mouse coupled with the acceleration can be a bit overpowering. For someone with smaller hands, they may find comfortably using all the functions a bit tedious. The internal technology truly shines with the Razer Optical Switches while thinking outside of the box with the PTFE feet and the resistance wheel are respectable. More importantly the Basilisk Ultimate retails for $169.99 and includes the mouse and the charging dock, and for a premium gaming mouse, that price doesn’t get much better.

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