Screenshot Saturday Featuring Project Grove, Evertried, More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Things are definitely winding down for the holidays, with everyone focusing more on the past year right now. We do have features on the most anticipated games of 2020 popping up here and there, but for now, the crowd that typically posts peeks into their upcoming games with the #screenshotsaturday tag seems to be taking it easy for the moment. Still, as seen with this week’s features, there are still some notable games to check out, so let’s get right to it!

Project Grove- A 3D puzzle-platformer about an alchemist and their robot buddy, set to kick off a fundraising campaign next month. As the title suggests, it definitely appears that nature will play a massive part in the game, as seen here with this enchanted flower. It looks quite gorgeous, so here’s hoping the campaign goes well later.

Evertried- In both tactics and roguelike games, being able to properly plan out your moves is a certain key to success. So indeed, anything that can freeze time is going to be extremely helpful on one’s journey as they ascend a mysterious tower. So far, the game looks simple (or deceptively simple) yet intriguing, so we can’t wait to see more.

Eastward- Pleasebereleasedatenewspleasebereleasedatenewspleasebereleasedatenews…sorry, but I’ve been looking forward to this eye-popping and charming post-apocalyptic adventure for a while, so while any news will do, here’s hoping for tidbits concerning the game’s release. Hopefully, Sam’s message here is indeed hinting towards that…

Yes, Your Grace- There are certain signs that you may not exactly be great at running an entire kingdom. Having your subjects prefer jail to the dangers within said kingdom, for example, is definitely one of them. But as long as you take the time to talk with them and look into their problems, you can still hopefully come out on top.

Dungeon Drafters- A hybrid of dungeon crawlers and card games where all magic is card-based, like the fireball seen here. Granted, you think that throwing around fire in an area filled with ice and paper would go horribly wrong, but it looks like everything is under control. For now, anyways.

Go Go Kudamono- Well, I would certainly say that there’s trouble in the Geisha district. Namely that it appears to have been taken over by beetle-like creatures – some with sumo builds – who have driven away all but one geisha. Well, it’s nothing a little old-school arcade ass-kicking can’t fix.

Potionomics- So far, this fantasy shop simulator/RPG hybrid seems to have spent more time showing off its character models and animation. Of course, that’s likely due to being still early in development. Besides, when you have characters like our moth girl here that are quite adorable and filled with personality, why not showcase them?

iii- This Japanese indie RPG was already shaping up to be something impressive, but then one look at the battle screen that shows you how much work has gone into impressive enemy designs, animation, and a detailed UI, and you get the feeling that it could still end up becoming something even more successful. Bravo!

Foregone- So we have a 2D action-platformer here with an animation style inspired by Dead Cells. It may have certainly nailed down the look, but can it match the fast-paced action of its inspiration? This quick clip suggests that the answer is a resounding “Hell yes.”

Bears in Space- Every other time of the year, this is a retro universe drawing inspiration from the likes of Timesplitters that’s filled with killer robots and first-person bullet hell action. The rest? Holiday cheer. Which it makes it kind of rude to interrupt their party with gunfire…even if it does look insanely fun.