Indie Legends Bundle X Hits Fanatical

Fanatical’s Indie Legends bundles have been fantastic before – and this is another top-notch one. This bundle includes two tiers, with tier one costing $3.49 and getting you Caveblazers, The AVGN Video Game II, Homebrew Patent Unknown, Dog Sled Saga, Siralim 3, Hero of the Kingdom III, and Castaway Paradise. For another $1.50, you can unlock the second tier and get Rain World – netting you eight games for only $4.99. This bundle gives you a few platformers in the form of Caveblazers, AVGN II, and Rain World alongside some strategy gaming with Hero of the Kingdom and a nice vehicular sandbox with Homebrew. There’s a nice amount of variety here and it’s well-worth the cost of the bundle if you want even one of the games included.